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After releasing the critically acclaimed Panda Park in early 2004, Chicago's 90 Day Men decided it was time for a break. Having put out three albums in the span of four years and toured extensively behind each disc, the band definitely was entitled to a few months rest. Guitarist and vocalist Brian Case explains that the brief hiatus was beneficial as it allowed the group's four members to focus on themselves and their other interests for a while.

"During our down time we were just sort of taking a break," states Case. "When you are in a band and spend so much time together traveling and working, it's nice to have some space to reflect on what you do and gain some perspective. It was a good thing."

Luckily for music lovers here one of the first things the band is doing now that they have re-grouped is touring Japan. Their upcoming week long trek marks 90 Day Men's second visit to the country and Case confirms that they are super excited about their return. He's looking forward to eating sushi everyday, checking out the cities they are playing in, doing some record shopping, and discovering some new Japanese bands. Case is already a fan of artists such as the Boredoms, Nisennenmondai, Melt Banana, and Acid Mother Temple.

90 Day MenSince forming in 1995, the act have been constantly re-vamping their sound and expanding their musical boundaries. Not content to sit back and enjoy their accolades, they go to great lengths to remain one of the few truly unique artists in the world of indie rock. Their excellent debut full-length, 2000's (It (Is) It) Critical Band, saw the quartet exploring the realms of post-hardcore and math rock. With its follow-up recording, To Everybody, 90 Day Men set out to destroy any pre-conceived notions that people had about the group. Placing a greater emphasis on Andy Lansangan's piano and keyboard parts allowed the band to craft warmer, more melodic music that see-sawed back and forth between fantastic avant-garde art-rock and psychedelic pop. Their most recent effort, Panda Park, follows in the traditions of its predecessors by being different from anything else the guys have done. Touching upon several genres, the group's progressive piano driven masterpieces and soulful delivery are challenging and enlightening at the same time. If there was any justice in this world, the track "Too Late or Too Dead" would have been a top 40 single last year.
It should come as little surprise to anyone familiar with 90 Day Men's recorded output that the band likes to experiment with their songs in a live setting as well. Case says that when performing the group feeds off of the audience's emotions and uses this energy to change the direction and style of their music.

"I think Japanese fans can expect the live versions of the songs to be different from the recorded versions. We try and play off the mood and energy of the crowd so the songs can be really different from night to night. As far as what we want to accomplish, I'd say we obviously want to perform well and have a good time. I guess we want fans to leave the show having had a good time and feeling like they saw something special."

90 Day MenUpon the completion of their Japanese dates 90 Day Men plan on returning to the States to start work on the follow-up to Panda Park. Although it probably won't be finished this year, there is a chance that the band's 2001 radio session with the legendary John Peel may surface on CD sometime in the coming months. As for now, Case states the band are just focusing on enjoying playing music together. Fully appreciating all that they've seen and done, the guitarist simply would like to continue sharing his craft with fans everywhere.

"The best thing about 90 Day Men is the friendship between the four of us. It's really what I look at as the most important thing about what we do; I think the music is a total reflection of that. I'm probably most proud of the fact that we've made unique music, met some great people traveling and got to record a Peel session. As far as what we would like to still accomplish, I really can't say. It would be nice to just continue to make music. I think everything really just comes down to that."

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March 14 Tokyo - Shibuya O-Nest
March 15 Nagoya - KD Japon
March 16 Kyoto - Nijyou Nano
March 17 Osaka - Club Water
March 19 Shizuoka - Spiral Market
March 20 Tokyo - Shibuya O-Nest
March 21 Tokyo - Koiwa em7

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90 Day Men

" To Everybody"
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"Too Late or Too Dead [SINGLE] "(US import)
"(It (Is) It) Critical Band"(US import)

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