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The Afet Collective"Everybody Dance Now"07.05.22shawnNam
Mark Keali'I Ho'omalu"Soul arrival deeply delivered from the hula farmer himself"06.12.03michaelmichael
Nigel B. Swifte"Good Music Festival Purveyor"06.11.01michael-
Towers Of London"Discoursing aplenty on futures for themselves and you"06.09.14michael-
Dresden Dolls"All Aboard Their Museum-Making Music Express For Sunshine"06.09.08michaelmichael
Kenny Larkin"High Tech Soul Warrior Au Natural"06.08.25michaelmichael
Zebrahead"Bionic men: Zebrahead broadcasting lean and clean 10 years on"06.09.13michael-
Director : Gary Bredowtalking about "High Tech Soul: The Creation of Techno Music"06.06.29michael-
Tabla Kwaiesa I Need A Beat ... A Beat05.07.12shawn-
Les Savy Fav Insanely Brilliant05.04.30shawn-
90 Day MenConstantly Evolving05.03.13shawn-
MonoPeaceful, But Far From Quiet20th Jan. '05shawn-
The ParkinsonsA Long Way To Everywhere!!18th Dec. '02michaelnishioka
X-PRESS 2From FRF'02 to Electraglide '025th Dec. '02michaelhanasan
Melissa FerrickHave Guitar... Will Travel8th Feb. '02jinki-
The ParkinsonsHate Machine: The Parkinsons Come Out Swinging10th Jun. '02jinki-
Eddi ReaderA Singing Angel Sings Free...2nd Mar. '02jinkihanasan
OzomatliThe People's Music is coming!24th Feb. '02jinkihanasan