buttonOkamoto's in Sakae Sp-RIng 2010
@ Nagoya Club Quatrro (5th June '10)

Okamoto's Okamoto's Okamoto's Okamoto's Okamoto's Okamoto's

photos by yoshitaka
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Sakae Spring 2010

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buttonphoto report (10/06/05 @ Nagoya Club Quatrro) : photos by yoshitaka
buttonphoto report (10/03/21 @ Bowery Balloom, NYC) : photos by sam

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buttonSakae Spring 2010:A Flood of Circle, Okamoto's, Sister Jet, Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs, School Food Punishment, Soul Kids, Doping Panda & Painojac(5th to 5th June @ Nagoya Club Quatrro)
buttonSakanaction(9th Apr.@ Nagoya Diamond Hall)
buttonThe Dead Weather (31st Mar.@ Zepp Tokyo)
buttonCD review : The Bright Mississippi (26th Mar.)
buttonEastern Youth (12th Mar.@ Nagoya Club Quatrro)
buttonChiyopon?(27th Feb.@ Nagoya Up Set)
buttonA Flood of Circle(18th Feb.@ Nagoya Up Set)
buttonversion21.1:Sakanaction & Ogre You Asshole(7th Feb.@ Nagoya Diamond Hall)
buttonOverground Acoustic Underground(24th Jan. @ Nagoya Bottom Line)
buttonJet , Twisted Wheel (7th Jan. @ Nagoya Diamond Hall)


buttonRadio Crazy:Sakanaction & Losalios(29th to 30th Dec.@ Intex Osaka)
buttonPeelander-Z (15th Dec. @ Nagoya OYS)
buttonA Flood of Circle(26th Nov.@ Nagoya Up Set)
buttonElectraglide presents Warp20: DJ Yogurt, Hudson Mohawke, !!! (Chk Chk Chk), Steve Beckett, Battles, O.N.O& Flying Lotus(20th Nov @ Makuhari Messe)
buttonFranz Ferdinand (11th Nov.@ Zepp Nagoya)
buttonThe Cribs (22nd Oct.@ Nagoya Club Quatrro)
buttonSignals (12th Oct.@ Nagoya Club Quatrro)
buttonAsagiri Jam 2009: Razoku, Group_Inou, iLL, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Yurayura Teikoku, Ovall, Emmy The Great, Joshua James, Ooioo& Twilight Circus(10th to 11th Oct @ Asagiri Arena)
buttonSun Set Live 2009 : Your Song Is Good, Doberman & 浅井健一(5th Sept @ Keya Beach, Fukuoka)
buttonRock The Rock ! feat. A Flood of Circle & Mudy on the Sakuban (30th Aug.@ Nagoya Up Set)
buttonRe:mix2009:Sakanaction & Ogre You Asshole(29th Aug.@ Nagoya Diamond Hall)
buttonSensational Attack:浅井健一, , 8otto & Lazy Guns Brisky(20th Jul.@ Nagoya Diamond Hall)
buttonDetroit7 (4th Jul.@ Nagoya Up Set)
buttonA Flood Of Circle (27th Jun.@ Nagoya Up Set)
buttonEnemies & Toe (14th Jun.@ Nagoya Apollo Theater)
buttonRega (5th Jun. @ Nagoya Bottom Line)
buttonSakae Spring (30th - 31st May '09):A Flood of Circle, Tokyo Pinsalocks & Detroit7
buttonRock on the Rock 2009 feat. Kicell & Overground Acoustic Underground (16-17th May. @ Miyazaki Beach, Aichi)
buttonA Flood Of Circle (14th Apr.@ Nagoya Up Set)
buttonLazy Guns Brisky (5th Apr.@ Nagoya Club Quatrro)
buttonOasis & 8otto (18th Mar.@ Nihon Gaishi Hall)
buttonTravis (25th Feb.@ Nagoya Diamond Hall)
buttonDetroit7 (22nd Feb.@ Nagoya Apollo Theater)
buttonFall Out Boy (6th Feb.@ Nagoya Diamond Hall)
buttonPrimal Scream (30th Jan.@ Zepp Nagoya)
buttonMogwai / Remember Remember (13th Jan.@ Nagoya Club Quatrro)


buttonSherbets (19th Dec.@ Gifu CLUB ROOTS)
buttonDetroit7 (17th Dec.@ Nagoya Up Set)
buttonA Flood Of Circle (30th Nov.@ Nagoya Up Set)
buttonTe' & People In The Box (24th Nov.@ Nagoya Up Set)
buttonThe Music & The KBC (11th Nov.@ Nagoya Diamond Hall)
buttonEastern Youth (4th Oct.@ Nagoya Club Quatrro)
buttonRock The Rock ! feat. A Flood of Circle, Hariss , Gheee & N.G.Three (28th Sep.@ Nagoya Up Set)
buttonAsa (9th Sep.@ Nagoya Club Quatrro)
buttonA Flood Of Circle (1st Aug.@ Nagoya Up Set)
buttonMudy on the Sakuban&te' &gheee (28th Jun.@ Nagoya Apollo Theater)
buttonTokyo Pinsalocks (1st Jun.@ Nagoya K・D Japon)
buttonA Flood Of Circle (20th May.@ Nagoya Up Set)
buttonFoals& Midnight Juggernauts (16th May. @ Nagoya Bottom Line)
buttonUri Nakayama (14th May. @ Nagoya Apollo Theater)
buttonCutman-Booche (10th May. @ Nagoya Apollo Theater)
buttonGheee (6th Apr. @ Nagoya Rock'n'Roll)
buttonDinosaur jr. (24th Mar.@ Nagoya Club Quatrro)
buttonA Flood Of Circle (17th Mar.@ Nagoya Up Set)
buttonMudy on the Sakuban (11th Feb. '08 @ Nagoya Club Rock'n'Roll)

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