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@ Asagiri Arena (11th Oct '09)

- Twilight Circus -

Twilight Circus
Twilight Circus
Twilight Circus
Twilight Circus
Twilight Circus
Twilight Circus
Twilight Circus

comment and photos by yoshitaka

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Twilight Circus


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Emmy The Great

"Vocal Anthology, Vol. 1"
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previous works

"Dub from the Secret Vaults"(iTunes)
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"Dub Plates, Vol. 3"(iTunes)
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"Other Worlds of Dub"(iTunes)
"The Essential Collection"(iTunes)
"Dub Plate Selection"(iTunes)
"Various Artists - Binghi Riddim"(US import / iTunes)
"Michael Rose - Warrior Dub"(US import / iTunes)
"The Dub Project 2"(US import)
"Michael Rose - Warrior"(US import / iTunes)
"Rasta International"(US import / iTunes)
"Cutural Roots Showcase"(UK import)
"Ranking Joe - World In Dub"(US import / iTunes)
"Foundation Rockers"(US import / iTunes)
"Deeper Roots"(US import / iTunes)
"African Dub"(US import / iTunes)
"Riddim Clash"(US import)
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overall photo document

      [Vol.1 by hiroshi]
      [Vol.2 by yoshitaka]

overall review by jinki

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10th @ Rainbow Stage

10th @ Moonshine Stage

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11th @ Moonshine Stage

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