buttonAsagiri Jam It's a beautiful day
@ Asagiri Arena (10th to 11th Oct '09)

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Boris Boris Boris Boris
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photos by hiroshi
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buttonmag files : Boris

buttonphoto report (09/10/11 @ Asagiri Arena) : photos by hiroshi
button世界を陥れる先鋭的ヘヴィロック : (09/4/19 @ Liquidroom Ebisu) : review by takuya, photos by saya38
buttonphoto report : (09/4/19 @ Liquidroom Ebisu) : photos by saya38
buttonGive Me Something I Can Dance To! : (06/7/22 @ Shinjuku Loft) : review by shawn
buttonphoto report : (06/7/22 @ Shinjuku Loft) : photos by saya38

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High-Altitude Playground
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10th @ Rainbow Stage

10th @ Moonshine Stage

11th @ Rainbow Stage

11th @ Moonshine Stage

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