button Sun Set Live 2009
@ Keya Beach (4th to 6th Sept. '09)

- Cool Wise Man -

Cool Wise Man
Cool Wise Man
Cool Wise Man
Cool Wise Man
Cool Wise Man
Cool Wise Man
Cool Wise Man
Cool Wise Man
Cool Wise Man
Cool Wise Man
Cool Wise Man
Cool Wise Man
Cool Wise Man
Cool Wise Man
Cool Wise Man
Cool Wise Man

photos by suguta

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buttonphoto report : (09/09/05 @ Sun Set Live 2009, Keya Beach, Fukuoka) : photos by suguta
button御年76、まだまだ現役です : (08/08/15 @ Shibuya Duo Music Exchange) : review by imakaz, photos by hanasan
buttonphoto report : (08/08/15 @ Shibuya Duo Music Exchange) : photos by hanasan

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Sun Set Live 2009

Sun Set Live 2009


overall photo document

      [Vol.1 by suguta]
      [Vol.2 by ryota]
      [Vol.3 by q_ta]
      [Vol.4 by yoshitaka]

photo reports &reviews

on the 4th
: Overall Review

buttonFujin Raijin @ Palm Stage
buttonBlack Bottom Brass Band @ Palm Stage
buttonTsuru @ Beach Stage
buttonSpecial Others @ Beach Stage
buttonGilles Peterson @ Beach Stage
buttonNoanowa @ Sun Set Stage
buttonDachambo @ Sun Set Stage

on the 5th : Overall Review

buttonCool Wise Man @ Palm Stage
buttonDoberman @ Palm Stage
buttonFumido @ Palm Stage
buttonKenichi Asai @ Palm Stage
buttonMasaki Ueda with Sly & Robbie @ Palm Stage
buttonThe explosions @ Beach Stage
buttonYour Song Is Good @ Beach Stage
buttonLeyona @ Beach Stage
buttonSoil & "Pimp" Sessions @ Beach Stage
buttonNontroppo @ Sun Set Stage
buttonSoffet @ Sun Set Stage

on the 6th : Overall Review

buttonNatural Radio Station @ Palm Stage
buttonBrown Sugar @ Palm Stage
buttonThe Travellers @ Palm Stage
buttonEgo Wrappin’And The Gossip Of Jaxx @ Palm Stage
buttonOsaka Monaurail @ Beach Stage
buttonTomohiro Higashida @ Sun Set Stage
buttonBan Ban Bazar @ Sun Set Stage
buttonIkue Asazaki @ Sun Set Stage

mag files :Sunset Live


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