button Sun Set Live 2009
@ Keya Beach (4th to 6th Sept. '09)

- Gilles Peterson -

Gilles Peterson
Gilles Peterson
Gilles Peterson

comment and photos by ryota

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Sun Set Live 2009

Sun Set Live 2009


overall photo document

      [Vol.1 by suguta]
      [Vol.2 by ryota]
      [Vol.3 by q_ta]
      [Vol.4 by yoshitaka]

photo reports &reviews

on the 4th
: Overall Review

buttonFujin Raijin @ Palm Stage
buttonBlack Bottom Brass Band @ Palm Stage
buttonTsuru @ Beach Stage
buttonSpecial Others @ Beach Stage
buttonGilles Peterson @ Beach Stage
buttonNoanowa @ Sun Set Stage
buttonDachambo @ Sun Set Stage

on the 5th : Overall Review

buttonCool Wise Man @ Palm Stage
buttonDoberman @ Palm Stage
buttonFumido @ Palm Stage
buttonKenichi Asai @ Palm Stage
buttonMasaki Ueda with Sly & Robbie @ Palm Stage
buttonThe explosions @ Beach Stage
buttonYour Song Is Good @ Beach Stage
buttonLeyona @ Beach Stage
buttonSoil & "Pimp" Sessions @ Beach Stage
buttonNontroppo @ Sun Set Stage
buttonSoffet @ Sun Set Stage

on the 6th : Overall Review

buttonNatural Radio Station @ Palm Stage
buttonBrown Sugar @ Palm Stage
buttonThe Travellers @ Palm Stage
buttonEgo Wrappin’And The Gossip Of Jaxx @ Palm Stage
buttonOsaka Monaurail @ Beach Stage
buttonTomohiro Higashida @ Sun Set Stage
buttonBan Ban Bazar @ Sun Set Stage
buttonIkue Asazaki @ Sun Set Stage

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