buttonSouth by Southwest Music Festival + Conference
@ Austin, Texas (18th - 22nd Mar. '09)

Feature Special SXSW 2009

Meat Puppets
@ Stubb's, Austin (19th Mar. '09)

Meat Puppets
Meat Puppets Meat PuppetsMeat Puppets
Meat Puppets
Meat PuppetsMeat Puppets Meat PuppetsMeat Puppets
Meat Puppets
Meat Puppets Meat Puppets
Meat Puppets



comment and photos by sam

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Meat Puppets


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the latest album

Meat Puppets

"Sewn Together"
(国内盤 / US Import / Analog)

previous works

"Rise to Your Knees"(US import / iTunes)
"Classic Puppets"(US Import)
"I+II"(US Import)
"Meat Puppets Live"(US Import / iTunes)
"Golden Lies"(US Import)
"Keats Rides a Harley (Remastered)"(iTunes)
"Up On the Sun"(iTunes)
"Mirage"(US Import / iTunes)
"Monsters"(US Import)
"Out My Way"(US Import / iTunes)
"Meat Puppets"(iTunes)
...and more

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SXSW 2009

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