button Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts
@ Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset (22nd - 24th Jun. '07)

Iggy and The Stooges @ Other Stage (23rd Jun. '07)

Iggy and The Stooges
Iggy and The Stooges Iggy and The Stooges
Iggy and The Stooges
Iggy and The Stooges Iggy and The Stooges
Iggy and The Stooges
Iggy and The Stooges
Iggy and The Stooges

photos by yusuke

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button夜を制した男 (07/06/23 @ Glastonbury Festival, Pilton) : review by kaori, photos by yusuke
buttonphoto report (07/06/23 @ Glastonbury Festival, Pilton) : photos by yusuke
buttonphoto report (07/03/17 @ Stubb's, Austin TX) : photos by ryota
button例外的ヒーロー (04/03/22 @ Shibuya AX) : review by ryoji, photo by mari
button変態?いやいや、自然体です (04/03/22 @ Shibuya AX) : review by taiki, photo by mari
buttonphoto report (04/03/22 @ Shibuya AX) : photo by mari

The official site
Iggy Pop & The Stooges

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The latest album
The Stooges

"The Weirdness"
(US import / 国内盤)
previous works

(Iggy Pop

"skull ring"
(US import / UK import / 国内盤)

"Lust for Life" (US import / 国内盤)
"Brick by Brick" (US import / 国内盤)
"The Idiot" (US import / 国内盤)
"アンソロジー" (国内盤)
"Sister Midnight" (US import)
"Greatest Hits Live"(US import)
"In Concert"(UK import)
"Nuggets"(UK import / US import)
"Zombie Birdhouse"(US import with bonus CD / 国内盤)
"Extended Versions"(US import )
"Power & Freedom"(US import )
"Wild Love: The Detroit Rehearsals and More"
(US import )
"メタリック2K.O. "(国内盤 )
"The Heritage Collection"(US import )
"Millennium Edition"(US import )
"Corruption"(US import )
"From the Front Row: Live"
(US import with bonus CD / 国内盤)
"Beat 'Em Up"(US import / 国内盤)
"Soldier (Rmst) "(US import with extra trax)
"Avenue B"
(US import / 国内盤)
(US import with bonus trax / US import)
"Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell"(US import)
"Live on the King Biscuit"
(UK import / 国内盤)
"King Biscuit Flower Hour"(US import)
"Pop Music"(UK import)
"Head On"
(US import)
"Best Of...Live"
(UK import)
"Nude & Rude: The Best of Iggy Pop"
(US import / UK import / 国内盤)
"Naughty Little Doggie"
(US import / 国内盤)
"Jesus Loves the Stooges"(US import)
"TV Eye"(US import)
"American Caesar"
(US import / UK import / 国内盤)
"The Idiot"
(US import / 国内盤)
"Brick by Brick"
(US import / 国内盤)
"Instinct"(US import)
"Lust for Life"
(US import / 国内盤)
"Kill City"(US import)
"Hippodrome (Paris 77) "
(国内盤 / US Import)
"Raw Power"
(US import / UK import)
"Live in L.a. 73"(US import)
...and more

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Glastonbury Festival

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Overall Review (JPN)

      [Vol.1 by aco]
      [Vol.2 by emi]
      [Vol.3 by hanasan]
      [Vol.4 by kaori]
      [Vol.5 by keco]
      [Vol.6 by morissie]
      [Vol.7 by philine]
      [Vol.8 by q_ta]
      [Vol.9 by ryota]
      [Vol.10 by taiki]
      [Vol.11 by yusuke]

photo reports & reviews

on the 21st

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photo reports & reviews

on the 22nd

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on the 24th

button Keith Allen @ Strummervill
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button Tinariwen (hanasan's version / yusuke's version) @ Jazz World
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button Who, The (review)@ Pyramid
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