button Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts
@ Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset (22nd - 24th Jun. '07)

Overall Review Vol.6 - Part 1 -

Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury Festival Glastonbury Festival Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury Festival Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury Festival

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comment and photos by morissie

Overall Review Vol.6 [Part 1 | 2 | 3]

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buttonGlastoで思ったこと (04/06/25 - 27 @ Pilton, Somerset) : review by rad, photos by keco
buttonGlastonburyあれやこれや (04/06/25 - 27 @ Pilton, Somerset) : review by joe, photos by keco
buttonphoto report (04/06/25 - 27 @ Pilton, Somerset) : photos by keco
buttonShibusa Shirazu Orchestra in Glastonbury (02/06 @ Pilton, Somerset) : photos by hanasan
buttonGlastonbury Festival '02 (02/06 @ Pilton, Somerset) : photos by,hanasan
buttonGlastonbury 2000 (00/06/28-30 @ Pilton, Somerset) : review & photos by hanasan
button再び泥まみれのグラストンバリーに15万人! (98/06/26-28 @ Pilton, Somerset) : review & photos by hanasan

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Glastonbury Festival


the latest DVD


(US import)

*ジュリアン・テンプル監督による作品で、現在公開中の"Glastonbury The Film"と同一内容。リージョン1のため日本向けのDVDプレイヤーでは再生できません。



"グラストンベリー・アンセムズ ~ザ・ベスト・オブ・グラストンベリー~ 1994-2004 "




"Glastonbury the Movie"
(UK import)




*71年に開催された2回目となるグラストのドキュメンタリー映画。ワイト島のフェスティヴァルを記録した"Message to Love: Isle of Wight Festival " (US import)や"ウドストック" (国内盤)、あるいは、"Festival Express" (国内盤 / US import)に重なる「ロックの時代」が垣間見える。

Glastonbury related works

"Music from Glastonbury: The Film "
(US import)

"Live at Glastonbury 1994-2004 " (UK import)
"Glastonbury Fayre... " (UK import)
"Glastonbury Unsigned 2005" (UK import)
"Glastonbury Unsigned 2004"(UK import)
"Hawkwind : Live at Glastonbury 1990"(UK import)
"Banco de Gaja : Live at Glastonbury"(US import)
"Q Presents...Glastonbury 2003"(UK impport)
"Ruby Turner : Live in Concert : Glastonbury 1986"(US import)
"Glastonbury 1993 - in a Field of Their Own"(UK import)
"Glastonbury 25th Anniv."(UK import)
"Gong Maison : Glastonbury '89"(UK import)
"Glastonbury Festival 1989"(UK import)

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Feature Special

Glastonbury Festival

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Overall Review (JPN)

      [Vol.1 by aco]
      [Vol.2 by emi]
      [Vol.3 by hanasan]
      [Vol.4 by kaori]
      [Vol.5 by keco]
      [Vol.6 by morissie]
      [Vol.7 by philine]
      [Vol.8 by q_ta]
      [Vol.9 by ryota]
      [Vol.10 by taiki]
      [Vol.11 by yusuke]

photo reports & reviews

on the 21st

button Captain @ The Queen's Head

photo reports & reviews

on the 22nd

button Alterkicks @ Late'n'Live
button Arcade Fire (review) @ Other
button Automatic, The (review) @ Other
button Bjork (yusuke's version / ryota's version / review) @ Other
button Bloc Party (review) @ Pyramid
button Bright Eyes (review) @ Other
button Cribs, The (review) @ Other
button Damien RIce @ Acoustic
button Fratellis, The @ Pyramid
button Gogol Bordello (review) @ Pyramid
button Kasabian (emi's version / ryota's version) @ Pyramid
button Klaxons @ Dance East
button Modest Mouse (review) @ Other
button Soil & "Pimp" Sessions @ Jazz Lounge
button Super Furry Animals @ Other
button Tokyo Police Club, The @ John Peel
button View, The (review) @ Pyramid
button Rufus Wainwright (review) @ Other
button Amy Winehouse @ Pyramid

on the 23rd

button Babyshambles @ Other
button Bat For Lashes (review) @ John Peel
button Brakes @ Other
button !!!(chk chk chk) @ The Glade
button CSS (review) @ Other
button Dirty Pretty Things @ Pyramid
button Dirty Pretty Things (review) @ Strummervill
button Disculpas De Otilia (review ) @ Lost Vagueness
button Editors @ Other
button John Fogerty @ Jazz World
button Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. @ John Peel
button Hiromi's Sonic Bloom (review) @ Jazz World
button Iggy and The Stooges (yusuke's version / morissie's version / review) @ Other
button Klaxons (emi's version / ryota's version / (review) @ Other
button Kooks, The (review) @ Pyramid
button Long Blondes, The @ Other
button Madness (review)@ Lost Vagueness
button Maximo Park @ Other
button Mika @ Dance East
button Pama International (review) @ Dance West
button Rodrigo Y Gabriela @ Jazz World
button Soil & "Pimp" Sessions @ Jazz World
button Paul Weller @ Pyramid
button Patrick Wolf (emi's version / morissie's version / review) @ John Peel

on the 24th

button Keith Allen @ Strummervill
button Aqualung @ John Peel
button Billy Bragg @ Left Field
button Liam Frost @ Late'n'Live
button Gossip, The (review) @ John Peel
button Go! Team, The (review) @ Other
button Horrors, The (emi's version / ryota's version / review) @ John Peel
button Husky Rescue @ The Glade
buttonJamie T (review) @ Left Field
button La Kinky Beat (review) @ The Glade
button Manic Street Preachers @ Pyramid
button Mahala Rai Banda - Electric Gypsyland (review) @ Jazz World
button Mika (emi's version / ryota's version / review) @ Other
button Noisettes (review) @ John Peel
button Polytechnic @ Late'n'Live
button Rumble Strips, The (review) @ John Peel
button Tinariwen (hanasan's version / yusuke's version) @ Jazz World
button View, The @ Other
button Who, The (review)@ Pyramid
button Young Knives, The @ John Peel

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