button ザ・50回転ズ @ SXSW/JAPAN NITE US TOUR 2007

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The 50kaitenz
 Smashing Magお馴染み「ザ50回転ズ」。世間では浪速が生んだガレージ・ロックン・ロール・バンドと呼ばれ、演歌あり、歌謡あり、お笑いありの多彩な面も見せるラモーンズを愛する3匹馬鹿。

 そんな彼らは現在80本近いライブツアー「50回転ズのやりたい放題珍道中!!2007」を展開中。それに組み込まれた全米横断ツアーが3月10日ボストンを皮切りにスタートした。SXSW Music Festival2007を含め、ニューヨーク、フィラデルフィア、シカゴ、テキサス、ロサンゼルス、サンフランシスコ、そしてシアトルの8都市9公演を11日間、全力疾走で駆け抜けた。

 そしてフリーランス写真家で、Smashing Magスタッフでもあるわたくし、ryotaが、オフィシャル・フォトグラファーとしてこのツアーに参加。ステージ・ショットはもちろん、ツアー日常のひとコマまでファインダーに収めた。その数4000カット。今回アップしたレポートは初日のボストン公演で、これから時間軸に沿って公開していく予定。



button3/10 Boston
button3/11 New York
button3/13 Philadelphia
button3/14 Chicago
button3/16 South by Southwest, Texas
button3/17 Fuck by Fuck You
button3/18 Los Angeles
button3/19 San Francisco
button3/20 Seattle
The 50kaitenz
comment and photos by ryota
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buttonphoto report (07/03/13@Khyber, Philly) : photos by ryota
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buttonphoto report (07/03/10@T.T. The Bear's, Cambridge, MA) : photos by ryota
buttonphoto report (07/03/04@Takasaki Club Fleez) : photos by sam
button初めてに出会う旅 (07/02/27@Motoyawata Route 14) : photos by terumi
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buttonビートルズvsラモーンズ (07/02/22@ Shimokitazawa Shelter) : review by nob, photos by terumi
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buttonベテランVS若造 (07/02/20@ Shinjuku Loft) : review by nob, photos by sam
buttonphoto report (07/02/20@ Shinjuku Loft) : photos by sam
buttonphoto report (07/01/15@ Fukuoka Drum Son) : photos by suguta
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The 50kaitens


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5/12(sat)TOWER RECORD渋谷店インストアライブ!!
5/16(wed) 横浜FAD
5/17(thu) 千葉LOOK
5/19(sat) 水戸LIGHT HOUSE
5/26(sat) 神戸スタークラブ
6/4(mon)名古屋HUCK FINN
6/6(wed)札幌BESSIE HALL
6/7(thu)旭川CASINO DRIVE
6/14(thu)福岡DRUM SON
6/16(SAT)長崎DRUM Be-7
6/17(sun)熊本DRUM Be-96/19(tue)高知X-pt.
6/20(wed)高松DIME6/22(fri)新潟CLUB JUNK BOX
6/25(mon)岐阜CLUB ROOTS



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The 50kaitens


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"50回転ズのギャー!!" (国内盤)
"1・2・3・4!!" (国内盤)
"昭和元禄NOW!第1集" (国内盤)

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buttonPeelander-Z (17th Mar. @ Trophy's Bar, Austin, TX)
buttonPeelander-Z (15th Mar. @ Molotov Lounge, Austin, TX)
buttonThe Stooges (17th Mar. @ Stubb's Austin, TX)
buttonThe Good, The Bad & The Queen (16th Mar. @ Stubb's Austin, TX)
buttonThe 50 kaitenz : SXSW / Japan Nite U.S. Tour 2007 (10th-20th Mar. @ USA)


buttonMount System 2006 (22nd Oct. @ Tokyo Odaiba Open Court)
buttonThe 50 Kaitens (19th Oct. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonPeelander-Z (28th Apr. @ Satto)
buttonSpanam (22nd Apr. @ Shinjuku ACB)
buttonSouth by Southwest Music Festival + Conference feat. Snow Patrol / Sam Moore / The Refugee All Stars / The Pretenders / Peelander-Z / OK GO / Nickel Creek / Lyle Lovett / Kris Kristofferson / The Kooks / Harry Shearer / Hot 8 / The Feeling / The Ends / The Emeralds / Ellegarden / Auktyon / Arctic Monkeys / Allen Toussaint / Afrirampo / with Over All View & editor's note (15th to 19th Mar. @ Austin, Texas )
buttonThe 50 Kaitens (13th Feb. @ Shimokitazawa Club 251)
buttonRoyksopp / Annie (1st Feb. @ Shibuya AX)


buttonQuruli (21st Dec. @ Kanagawa Kenmin Hall)
buttonOasis (18th Nov. @ Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan)
buttonFeeder (8th Nov. @ Shibuya AX)
buttonBleach (26th Oct. @ Shibuya AX)
buttonMount System 2005 (23rd Oct. @ Tokyo Odaiba Open Court)
buttonLittle Creatures (16th Oct. @ Parco Theatre)
buttonThe Emeralds (5th Oct. @ Shinjyuku Motion)
buttonThe Black Jetts (22nd Jul. @ La.Mama)
buttonBlack Bottm Brass Band with Yukaina Nakamatachi「The 15th Kitazawa Music Festival / Clean up Paradeド」 (10th Jul. @ Shimokitazawa)
buttonGito Gito Hustler, The Spunks (27th Mar. @ CBGB N.Y.C.)
buttonSXSWeditor's note (16th - 20th Mar @ Austin TX)
buttonBleach03 (18th Mar. @ SXSW05, Whisky Bar Austin TX)
buttonPeelander-Z (18th Mar. @ SXSW05, Elysium Austin TX)
buttonGito Gito Hustler (19th Mar. @ SXSW05, Elysium Austin TX)
buttonGore Gore Girls (19th Mar. @ SXSW05, Continental Club Austin TX)
buttonPunish the Atom (18th Mar. @ SXSW05, The Jackalope Austin TX)
buttonThe Music (19th Mar. @ SXSW05, La Zona Rosa Austin TX)
buttonDMBQ (18th Mar. @ SXSW05, Club de Ville Austin TX)
buttonRobert Plant (17th Mar. @ SXSW05, Austin Music Hall Austin TX)
buttonKasabian (18th Mar. @ SXSW05, Stubb's Austin TX)
buttonBloc Party (18th Mar. @ SXSW05, Stubb's Austin TX)
buttonBilly Idol (16th Mar. @ SXSW05, Stubb's Austin TX)
buttonMag Special with SXSW05 (16th - 20th Mar @ Austin TX)


buttonSex Slaves (22nd Oct. @ The Doors, Hatsudai)
buttonInvisibleman's Deathbed, Sex Slaves, Tetsu to Namari, Sex-Android (21st Oct. @ Mandara)
buttonAsagiri Jam : It's a beautiful day photo report.over all photo documentary (2nd - 3rd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
buttonFatboy Slim (22nd Sep. @ ageHa studio coast)
button11th Apr., Pray in Hachiko (11th Apr. @ Shibuya Hachiko Mae) : report by joe, photo by ryota
buttonBleach on "Japan Girls Samurai US tour" (20th Mar @ Elysium, SXSW04)
buttonBleach (20th Mar @ Gallery Lombardi, Fuck By Fuck You)
buttonSXSW04 photo report. The Sleepy Jackson / The B-52's / Athlete / Southern Culture On The Skids / Romz record CREW / The Emeralds / Response / Fuzzy Control / Zanzo / Kishidan / Tsushimamire / Kokeshi Dolls / Noodles / Petty Booka / Bleach / Gito Gito Hustler (17th-20th Mar. @ Austin, TEXAS)
buttonRyota Photo Diary in NY (Vol.1 ~ Vol.15)
buttonJAPUNKS presents: Rock'n Roll eBENTO BOX feat. Peelander-Z / Eggplant Queens / The Spunks / The Cyclones / Akima & Neos / Dynamite Club
(7th Mar @ CBGB, NewYork)
buttonSnow Patrol (17th Feb @ The Mercury Lounge, NewYork)
buttonOK Go (6th Feb @ The Mercury Lounge, NewYork)
buttonStellar Tuesday (2nd Feb @ The Mercury Lounge, NewYork)
buttonPeelander-Z (23rd Jan @ SIBERIA, NewYork)


buttonYo La Tengo (3rd Dec @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonElectric Six (15th Nov @ Shinjuku Liquid Room)
buttonMetallica (6th Nov @ Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan)
buttonCraig David (22nd Oct @ Zepp Tokyo)
buttonThe Cooper Temple Clause (16th Oct @ Shinjuku Liquid Room)
buttonGUMX with dustbox & Cocobat (14th Oct @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonTelevision (25th Sept @ Shibuya AX)
buttonShonen Knife with Keihan Girls & bloodthirsty butchers (12th Jul @ Makuhari Messe)
buttonTheatre Brook (22nd Jun. @ Shinjuku Liquid Room)
buttonThee Michell Gun Elephant with Katteni Shiyagare (14th Jun @ Zepp Tokyo)
buttoneastern youth (5th Jun. @ Akasaka Blitz)
buttonKemuri (31st May. @ Shinjuku ACB)

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