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@ Asagiri Arena (7th to 8th Oct '06)

- intro -
Asagiri Jam
     Without revealing the line-up, tickets for this year's Asagiri Jam sold out a couple of hours after they went on sale. This amazing phenomenon and the popularity of Asagiri Jam - It's A Beautiful Day - suggests that the charm of the festival lies in itself rather than anything else. The poor coverage of the festival by the mass media made it far more incredible to witness the rapid sell out. Perhaps it can be attributed to the power of the internet or word of mouth from those who have experienced the festival. How funny it is! With so much technology around us, it is said that we are living in a society full of information, but none of it gives us the real sense of humanity and value of life. And of course, these facts show us how senseless and worthless the existence of mass media is as well.

     On the other hand, it is bloody funny to know that a big, so-called "festival" held by one of the major promoters in Japan with tons of big names and big sponsors got far less people than the pre-opening day of the Fuji Rock Festival (where we never knew who was going to play as well). I guess it proves that a festival is not created by a large sum of cash, the power of sponsors, or massive stars, but by the vibe and attitude of the organizer, all those who work and are involved, as well as the actual people attending. We have to understand that a festival is not just a massive concert or the promotion of a bunch of bands, but a celebration of life which gives us the feeling of freedom and the joy of living. The countless smiling faces filling the site at Asagiri Jam showed us this simple truth.

     In addition to this, the amazingly beautiful weather with very few clouds in the sky helped keep us smiling. The day before the festival started, under the influence of a typhoon, heavy rain and gales hit the site and no one could work to prepare the festival. As soon as the storm was gone, though, everyone involved spent a whole lot of energy and passion preparing the site. We have to give millions of thanks to those who worked to create this two day celebration of life with great music. I guess one of the rewards for those people was getting to spend a couple of days seeing Mt. Fuji smile at us and show multiple faces which can be rarely experienced.

     We, Smashing Mag, are reporting these wonderful days of Asagiri Jam to you all. We did our best to capture the happiness of the people, the land and Mt. Fuji in our photos and words, but still it is far less powerful than those that actually experienced the festival with their body and mind. However, we hope our efforts might open up your memories of the great days and nights and if this happens, we will be more than happy.
comment and photos by hanasan

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Asagiri Jam : It's a beautiful day - intro - (JAP / ENG)

over all view : 幸せな2日間
over all photo document : over all photo documentary - ikesan's version

7th (sat) Oct
Rainbow Stage

Clammbon (review)
Ron Sexsmith
Chitose Hajime (review)
Quruli (review)
Michael Franti and Spearhead (part1 / 2) (review)
The Pogues (review)

Moonshine Stage

Gina & Chris
Hands Of Creation (review)
Special Others (review)
Individual Orchestra
RKD1 / 2 (Ryukyudisko)
Justice (review)
Erol Alkan (review)
Mirror System(review)
8th (sun) Oct
Rainbow Stage

Honmonji Moonshine Stage (review)
Hocus Pocus(review)
Dachambo (review)
Soil & "Pimp" Sessions (review)
Warrior Charge
Mojave3 (review)
V∞Rredoms (review)

Moonshine Stage

Chris Pierce
Cool Wise Men (review)
Night Jungle (review)
1945 a.k.a. Kuranaka
Zion Train
Brinsley Forde (review)
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buttonMichael Franti & Spearhead (5th Oct. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonFaiz Ali Faiz, Kayhan Kalhor, DuOud with Abdulatif Yagoub, Gnawa Diffusion & Mercan Dede & Secret Tribe (2nd to 4th Oct. @ Tokyu Bunkamura Theater Cocoon)
buttonAsylum Street Spankers with Uri Nakayama (17th Sept. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonFumio Ito and Gen Ueda, Magnolia, Keison, Caravan, Pocaskajan, Eye Don't Nose, Hige, Moon Riders, Ban Ban Bazar, The Blues Power with Monsieur Kamayatu, Kodama & The Dub Station Band, Marcos Suzano, Takashi Numazawa with Haruka Sakota, Leyona, Taiji All Stars, Kemuri (18th to 19th Aug. @ Rising Sun Rock Festival)
buttonSleep Walker (11th Aug. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonSoul Flower Mononoke Summit (15th Jul. @ Tokyo Kinema Club)
buttonSleep Walker (23rd Jun. @ Shibuya Club Asia)
buttonSoul Flower Union (11th Jun. @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonBen Harper & The Innocent Criminals (10th Jun. @ Shinkiba Studio Coast)
buttonBen Harper & The Innocent Criminals (9th Jun. @ Nagoya Diamond Hall)
buttonBen Harper & The Innocent Criminals (7th Jun. @ Namba Hatch)
buttonBen Harper & The Innocent Criminals (6th Jun. @ Hiroshima Club Quattro)
buttonBen Harper & The Innocent Criminals (5th Jun. @ Fukuoka Drum Logos)
buttonBen Harper & The Innocent Criminals (3rd Jun. @ Zepp Tokyo)
buttonBen Harper & The Innocent Criminals (2nd Jun. @ Yokohama Blitz)
buttonAllen Toussaint (1st Jun. @ Harajuku Blue Jay Way)
buttonMishka (27th May @ Yokohama Osanbashi Hall)
buttonRico Rodriguez with Cool Wise Men (5th May @ Esaka Muse Hall)
buttonDown Beat Ruler feat. Bagdad Cafe The Trench Town & The Ska Flames with Rico Rodriguez(3rd May @ Ebisu Garden Hall)
buttonSka Cubano (2nd May @ Roppongi Hills Arena)
buttonBanda Bassotti (8th Apr. @ Zapata, Genova)
buttonBanda Bassotti with Talco (7th Apr. @ C.S.A. Paciana, Bergamo)
buttonBanda Bassotti (4th Apr. @ Piazza Mercato, Marghera)
buttonBanda Bassotti with Brigada Flores Magon (1st Apr. @ Villaggio Globale, Rome)
buttonBanda Bassotti (29th Mar. @ Auditorium Flog, Firenze)
buttonJapanese Shamisen Extravaganza feat. Mika Uchizato, Keisho Ohno, Umekichi, Yasukatsu Oshima & Takeharu Kunimoto (23rd Mar. @ McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, 2nd Mar. @ Yoshi's Bar, Oakland / 22nd Mar. @ Schubas Tavern, Chicago / 18th Mar. @ Joe's Pub, N.Y.C.)
buttonShamisen Nite, in SXSW Festival, feat. Mika Uchizato, Keisho Ohno with JK Soul, Umekichi, Yasukatsu Oshima& Takeharu Kunimoto with the Last Frontiers (17th Mar. @ Creekside at Capitol Place,Austin)
buttonJapan Bashu Party, in SXSW Festival, feat. Keisho Ohno with JK Soul, Takeharu Kunimoto with the Last Frontiers & Umekichi (16th Mar. @ Japan Bashu Party in SXSW, Austin)
buttonCheapo Discs in store show feat. Umekichi & Keisho Ohno with JK Soul (16th Mar. @ Cheapo Discs, Austin)
buttonCD review : Thee Fifties High Teens : "Punch De Beat" (4th Mar.)
buttonCD review : Edger "Jones" Jones : "Soothing Music for Stray Cats" (20th Feb.)

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