button Rising Sun Rock Festival 2006 in EZO
(18th to 19th Aug '06)

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Rising Sun Rock Festival 2006
 In Hokkaido, up north in Japan, there has been one of the biggest rock festivals, Rising Sun Rock Festival, has been held at the third weekend of August since 1999 and three photographers and two writers of Smashing Mag headed for the fest. to make a full report. In the flat and huge fields near Ishikari Bay, there is the biggest stage, Sun, in front of hundreds and thousands of people and also 5 stages called Green Oasis, Red Star Field, Moon Circus, Bohemian Garden, Earth Tent with a unique venue Black Hall.

 There were more than 100 bands and artists played there and it is impossible to cover them all, but by spending hours to take photos of various musicians in all over the site, we came up to a question which is what is a festival?

 Before getting there straight, please have a look at the photos and see what was happening there.

comment and photos by hanasan
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Rising Sun Rock Festival 2006 (intro : JPN / ENG)

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buttonKemuri (Rising Sun Rock Festival 2003 in EZO 16th Aug '03) : photo by hanasan
buttonTheatre Brook (Rising Sun Rock Festival 2003 in EZO 15th Aug '03) : photo by hanasan

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Rising Sun Rock Festival


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buttonSleep Walker (11th Aug. @ Shibuya Club Quattro)
buttonSoul Flower Mononoke Summit (15th Jul. @ Tokyo Kinema Club)
buttonSleep Walker (23rd Jun. @ Shibuya Club Asia)
buttonSoul Flower Union (11th Jun. @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonBen Harper & The Innocent Criminals (10th Jun. @ Shinkiba Studio Coast)
buttonBen Harper & The Innocent Criminals (9th Jun. @ Nagoya Diamond Hall)
buttonBen Harper & The Innocent Criminals (7th Jun. @ Namba Hatch)
buttonBen Harper & The Innocent Criminals (6th Jun. @ Hiroshima Club Quattro)
buttonBen Harper & The Innocent Criminals (5th Jun. @ Fukuoka Drum Logos)
buttonBen Harper & The Innocent Criminals (3rd Jun. @ Zepp Tokyo)
buttonBen Harper & The Innocent Criminals (2nd Jun. @ Yokohama Blitz)
buttonAllen Toussaint (1st Jun. @ Harajuku Blue Jay Way)
buttonMishka (27th May @ Yokohama Osanbashi Hall)
buttonRico Rodriguez with Cool Wise Men (5th May @ Esaka Muse Hall)
buttonDown Beat Ruler feat. Bagdad Cafe The Trench Town & The Ska Flames with Rico Rodriguez(3rd May @ Ebisu Garden Hall)
buttonSka Cubano (2nd May @ Roppongi Hills Arena)
buttonBanda Bassotti (8th Apr. @ Zapata, Genova)
buttonBanda Bassotti with Talco (7th Apr. @ C.S.A. Paciana, Bergamo)
buttonBanda Bassotti (4th Apr. @ Piazza Mercato, Marghera)
buttonBanda Bassotti with Brigada Flores Magon (1st Apr. @ Villaggio Globale, Rome)
buttonBanda Bassotti (29th Mar. @ Auditorium Flog, Firenze)
buttonJapanese Shamisen Extravaganza feat. Mika Uchizato, Keisho Ohno, Umekichi, Yasukatsu Oshima & Takeharu Kunimoto (23rd Mar. @ McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, 2nd Mar. @ Yoshi's Bar, Oakland / 22nd Mar. @ Schubas Tavern, Chicago / 18th Mar. @ Joe's Pub, N.Y.C.)
buttonShamisen Nite, in SXSW Festival, feat. Mika Uchizato, Keisho Ohno with JK Soul, Umekichi, Yasukatsu Oshima& Takeharu Kunimoto with the Last Frontiers (17th Mar. @ Creekside at Capitol Place,Austin)

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