buttonAsagiri Jam It's a beautiful day
@ Asagiri Arena (1st to 2nd Oct '05)

- intro -
Asagiri Jam
 We had the best ever weather at the festival site in Asagiri this year. Especially the 2nd day was amazing. It really was burning hot like summer came back there again to celebrate us, the festival goers, getting together in peace and love. The Mt. Fuji has been there in our sight to look down us all with some clouds occasionally covering a bit of the top. It looks like she was showing off her collection of hats to us with smiles. What ever it was, to us, the festival goers, it was the best festival of the year.

 We wonder how you spent these heavenly hours and days. Also we believe how bitty you were if you'd missed this years Asagiri Jam. We are sure that you have heard a lot about these beautiful days from friends who actually were there. Indeed it really was a beautiful day which was originally given on this festival's name.

 We are reporting what happened here from various photographers adn writers involved in Smashing Mag. As there are thousands of photos taken, it would take a while to complete but, then again, you can have fun to look back whenever a new report is uploaded. Enjoy!
comment and photo by hanasan

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Asagiri Jam : It's a beautiful day - intro - (JAP / ENG)
over all photo documentary
1st (sat) Oct
Rainbow Stage

David Boyles
ohana (review)
Mo'some Tonebender (review)
Flogging Molly (review)
STS9 (review)
The String Cheese Incident

Moonshine Stage

A Hundred Birds
Ryukyudisko (review)
Sun Paulo (review)
Rei Harakami
Russell Haswell / Surgeon
2nd (sun) Oct
Rainbow Stage

Inokasira Jinba-no Taki Taiko (review)
Sandii (review)
African Head Charge (review)
Aimee Mann
Magokoro Brothers

Moonshine Stage

Little Creatures
Kaoru Inoue (chari chari)
Kosmic Renaissance
The Disciples
Rob Smith (Smith & Mighty, More Rockers)
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buttonJam Special '04 : JAP / ENG (04/10/02 - 03) : photo by hanasan, ryota, sama and yusuke
buttonreview (02/09/28 - 29) : review by akira noguchi, photo by hanasan and maki
buttonRainy this year... (02/09/28 - 29) : review by nob, photo by ikesan
buttonphoto report (02/09/28 - 29) : , photo by ikesan

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buttonSoul Flower Union (28th Sept. @ Nagoya Electric Lady Land)
buttonK'DO feat. Teko Onuki (27th Sept. @ Nagoya Blue Note)
buttonTheatre Brook (26th Sept. @ Nagoya Quattro)
buttonDouble Famous (24th Sept. @ Daikanyama Unit)
buttonKatteni Shiyagare (23rd Sept. @ Liquidroom Ebisu)
buttonTheatre Brook (19th Sept. @ Sendai Macana)
buttonTheatre Brook (18th Sept. @ Sendai Macana)
buttonFantomas and Zu (5th Sept. @ Shibuya Quattro)
buttonKemuri and No Hitter (23rd Aug. @ Sapporo Bessie Hall)
buttonKemuri and Largenal Nature (22nd Aug. @ Asahikawa Casio Drive)
buttonLittle Joe Washington & The Eastside Kings and Jungle Hop (16th June. @ Shibuya Quattro)
buttonColumn : Never Die without Listening to this! : Mississippi John Hurt "Last Sessions" (18th June)
buttonPealout (11th June. @ Fukuoka Drum Son)
buttonKemuri (17th May. @ Kawasaki Club Citta)
buttonKotobuki + Momonashi (12th May. @ Hatsudai Doors)
buttonDVD review : 『The World of Nat King Cole』 : Nat King Cole (13th May.)
buttonDown Beat Ruler : Little Fats & Swingin' hot shot party / Los Rancheros / akiko & The Travellers / The Ska Flames (3rd May. @ Ebisu Garden Hall)
buttonDVD review : 『Live at the Apollo』 : Ben Harper & The Blind Boys of Alabama (21st Apr.)
buttonSAVE The TOWN & The EARTH! feat. Dachambo, ピンボールドライヴ &Bobin & The Mantra (22nd Apr. @ Shimokitazawa 251)
buttonSAVE The TOWN & The EARTH! feat. sayokotonara, So So So, Gerhen Oshima, kizu Sisters (21st Apr. @ Shimokitazawa 440)
buttonTheatre Brook (24th Apr. @ Shinjuku Loft)
buttonColumn : 高田渡様 お疲れさま、そして、ありがとう。 (21st Apr.)
buttonShibusa Shirazu (17th Apr. @ Shibuya Quattro)
buttonShibusa Shirazu (13th Apr. @ Kichijoji Star Pine's Cafe)
buttonKatteni Shiyagare (10th Apr. @ Kawasaki Club Citta)
buttonBloodest Saxophone (10th Apr. @ Kawasaki Club Citta)
buttonMozaik (9th Apr. @ Kichijoji Star Pine's Cafe)
buttonMozaik with Hiroshi Yamaguchi with Akiko Hamada and Soul Flower Mononoke Summit (8th Apr. @ Shibuya Duo Music Exchange)
buttonMozaik (3rd Apr. @ Kyoto Takutaku)
buttonStreet Beat Festival '05 : feat. Bombshell Rocks, The Slackers and Banda Bassotti (19th Mar. @ Villaggio Globale in Rome)
buttonStreet Beat Festival '05 : feat. Bombshell Rocks, The Slackers and Banda Bassotti (18th Mar. @ Babylonia in Ponderano)
buttonStreet Beat Festival '05 : feat. Bombshell Rocks, The Slackers and Banda Bassotti (17th Mar. @ Teatro Polivalente Occupato in Bolgna)

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