buttonMODS MAYDAY '05 25th Anniversary
Supported by Ben Sherman + SEXY DYNAMITE LONDON
@ Club CITTA' Kawasaki
(21st May '05)

Ron Ron Clou

Ron Ron Clou
Ron Ron Clou Ron Ron ClouRon Ron Clou
Ron Ron Clou
Ron Ron ClouRon Ron Clou Ron Ron ClouRon Ron Clou
Ron Ron Clou

photos by sama

Mods Mayday '05 (prologue : the scooters run)

buttonmag files : mag files : ロン・ロン・クルー (Ron ROn Clou)

buttonreview ( no title) (05/05/21 @ Kawasaki Club Citta) : review by joe, photos by sama
buttonphoto report (05/05/21 @ Kawasaki Club Citta) : photos by sama

buttonmag files : Mods Mayday

button"We are the mods,We are the mods,We are,We are,We are the mods!!!" (04/05/15 @ Club CITTA' Kawasaki) : review by imakaz, photos by hiroqui
button「非常事態」の夜に集まれ! (04/05/15 @ Club CITTA' Kawasaki) : review by joe, photos by hiroqui
buttonLIVE! LIVE! LIVE! 『M◎D SUIT RIOT!』 (04/05/15 @ Club CITTA' Kawasaki) : review by taiki, photos by hiroqui
buttonスクーターラン 『ターゲットに向かって』 (04/05/15 @ Shibuya) : review by taiki, photos by hiroqui

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Ron Ron Clou


The latest album

Ron Ron Clou

Good Melodies

The related DVD



check the albums?



buttonBANDWAGON (7th May. @ Shimokitazawa Shelter )
buttonJERRY LEE PHANTOM (27th Apr. @ Shibuya Quattro )
buttonBack Drop Bomb (25th Apr. @ Ebisu Liquid Room )
buttonthe band apart (25th Apr. @ Ebisu Liquid Room )
buttonROCKIN' ICHIRO & BOOGIE WOOGIE SWING BOYS (10th Apr. @ Kawasaki Club Citta)
buttonCaSSETTE CON-LOS (10th Apr. @ Kawasaki Club Citta)
buttonModern Conya (10th Apr. @ Kawasaki Club Citta)
buttonGito Gito Hustler, The Spunks (27th Mar. @ CBGB NYC)
buttonSXSW 編集後記 (16th - 20th Mar @ Austin TX)
buttonThe Music (19th Mar. @ SXSW05,La Zona Rosa Austin TX)
buttonThe Emeralds (18th Mar. @ SXSW05,Caribbean Lights Austin TX)
buttonGuitar Wolf (18th Mar. @ SXSW05, Beer Land Austin TX)
buttonFlametrick Subs w/Stan's Cheerleaders (17th Mar. @ SXSW05,The Jackalope Austin TX)
buttonLos Abandoned (17th Mar. @ SXSW05,Eternal Austin TX)
buttonMXPX (17th Mar. @ SXSW05,Emo's Annex Austin TX)
buttonElectoriic Eel Shock (17th Mar. @ SXSW05,Bigsby's Austin TX)
button22-20s (17th Mar. @ SXSW05,Stubb's Austin TX)
buttonTemper Temper (16th Mar. @ SXSW05, Manbo Kings Austin TX)
buttonMag Special with SXSW05 (16th - 20th Mar @ Austin TX)
buttonthe blondie plastic wagon (9th Mar. @ Shimokitazawa CLUB Que)
buttonEXTREAM THE DOJO Vol.11 feat. ISIS / MASTODON / CONVERGE (5th Feb. @ Shibuya Quattro )
buttonLosalios (27th Jan. @ EbisuLiquidroom )
buttonWakusei (27th Jan. @ EbisuLiquidroom )
buttonJUDE (6th Jan. @ EbisuLiquidroom )


buttonTHE JERRY LEE PHANTOM (20th Dec. @ Shimokitazawa Club Que )
buttonTHE TURN-TABLES (19th Dec. @ Shimokitazawa Shelter )
buttonShinjuku Folk (18th Dec. @ Akihabara Goodman )
buttonThe Captains (13th Nov. @ SHIBUYA O-Crest )
buttonDropkick Murphys (12th Nov. @ EbisuLiquidroom)
buttonLOS RANCHEROS (12th Nov. @ EbisuLiquidroom)
buttonThe Turn -Tables (5th Nov. @ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttonRadioCaroline (5th Nov. @ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttonJIGHEAD (5th Nov. @ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttonLONSOME DOVE WOODROWS (5th Nov. @ Shinjuku LOFT)
buttonJUDE (31th Oct. @ Shibuya AX)
buttonJUDE (30th Oct. @ Shibuya AX)
buttonFOUR TET (3rd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
buttonDJ KENTARO (3rd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
buttonDJ FRED from Lemon Jelly (3rd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
buttonJUDE (3rd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
button DJ Cojie from MIGHTY CROWN (2nd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
button GRANDADBOB (2nd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
button FAITHLESS (2nd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)
button Ron Sexsmith (2nd Oct. @ Asagiri Arena)

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