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Long before any Hives, Stripes or Strokes strummed their first power-chord, the boys in Thee Michelle Gun Elephant were setting audiences on fire with pure, unfiltered rock'n'roll. They dressed sharp, played hard and crushed everything in their path. Black suits, hard riffs and savage vocals fused together to create one of the best live acts Japan has ever seen, and to provide a blueprint for what would become Japanese rock'n'roll. Hell, TMGE are Japanese rock n? roll, and their breakup this year leaves some big boots to fill.

Those in need of one last Michelle fix should get their hands on "Last Heaven's Bootleg," a double-disc set of live recordings from this year' final tour. From chugging blues bass lines to Stooge-like guitar freak-outs, "LHB" is a brutal masterpiece, capturing the live experience shockingly well. Vocalist, Yusuke Chiba' gravelly howl is at its most menacing, while lead guitarist Futoshi Abe shreds the strings with riff after searing riff, leaving the amps smoldering. "LHB" shows a band at their frenetic best with over two hours of rock bombast that occasionally reveals punk nihilism, grunge pathos and the old-school R&B essence that spawned the band in the first place. "Last Heaven" is a nearly perfect example of what live albums should be: no talk, just deliver the goods criticism, it would be that the mix doesn't include enough noise from the crowd, who were no doubt going completely ape-shit, but are barely audible over TMGE' thundering rhythm section. No matter. Just put on the album and do the screaming yourself. An essential purchase for rockers everywhere.

reviewed by jinki.
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