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"Happy Rush!"
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There's no better way to celebrate 10 years of making music together than to record and album. This is exactly what Koo, Monky, Iggy, Yassy, Oji, Anton, and Tamotsu the seven members of the Brass Bottom Black Band have done with their latest recording. This is a finely executed album that's mostly instrumental so even if you don't understand the lyrics you can still enjoy it in its entirety.

The music these men make is unlike anything I've ever heard before. Some songs sound like a high school marching band, some have a big band era, still others have the unmistakable influence of blues and jazz and I swear I even heard a bit of hip-hop. Other songs are just absolutely indescribable and simply elicit a delightful unexplainable grooviness.

Undoubtedly, the inability to fit Black Bottom Brass Band into a genre comes from the variety of instruments used to construct their music. The trumpet, a variety of saxophones, a trombone, a mixture of percussion instruments, and even a sousaphone (a smaller version of a tuba that has better sound quality) can all be heard. It goes without saying that the use of brass instruments in a music world filled with guitar, bass, drum ensembles plays a fundamental role in creating their unique sounds.

My personal favorite song on the album Track 10 is in Japanese and features Leyona as the guest vocalist. Despite the language barrier I love this song. It's sultry and the range and depth of both Leyona's vocals and the accompanying instrumentals make it well worth a listen. It makes me want to sip martinis in a dark lounge with the man I love.

Whether you're looking for a new album to swing dance to or just want to add something eclectic to your music collection you can't go wrong with this c.d. The most amazing thing about itis these guys have been making music for 10 years and they still sound like they are having fun!

reviewed by tikigirl.
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