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08.06.17Daikanyama Unitphoto report-hanasan
07.03.27Shibuya Lushslacker - [名] 怠け者 : 完全なる名前勝ちtaikihanasan
07.03.27Shibuya Lushphoto report-hanasan
07.03.22Nagoya Up Setphoto report-yuiko
07.03.21Shinjuku Loft生身でつきあうスラッカーズtaikihanasan
07.03.21Shinjuku Loft自由と笑顔に包まれた夜sakamotohanasan
07.03.21Shinjuku Loftphoto report-hanasan
07.03.20Shimokitazawa 440バンドを離れた自由人の対決taikihanasan
07.03.20Shimokitazawa 440photo report-hanasan
07.03.14Column定例 : これを見逃すな!taiki-
07.03.10CD reviewBig Tunes! Hits & Misses From 1996-2006taiki-
07.01.04CD reviewPeculiertaiki-
05.03.19Villaggio Globale in Romephoto report-hanasan
05.03.18Babylonia in Ponderanophoto report-hanasan
05.03.17Teatro Polivalente Occupato in Bolgnaphoto report-hanasan
05.03.16Auditorium Flog in Firenzephoto report-hanasan
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The Slackers

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The latest album

The Slackers

"Self Medication"
(国内盤 / US import)

The latest album
Vic Ruggiero

Vic Ruggiero

"Something in My Blindspot"
(国内盤 / iTunes)

previous work
Vic Ruggiero

"Living In Sin/Understanding New Jersey" (iTunes)
"Hamburguru" (国内盤)
"Alive At Ladybug House " (国内盤 / US import / iTunes)
The best album

The Slackers

"Big Tunes! Hits & Misses From 1996-2006"

previous work

"The Boss Harmony Sessions" (iTunes)
"And Friends" (iTunes)
"Slack in Japan" (国内盤)
"Better Late Than Never" (iTunes)
"ペキュリアー"(国内盤 / US import / UK import)
"Close My Eyes" (US Import / 国内盤 / UK import)
"An Afternoon in Dub" (国内盤 / UK import)
"International War Criminal - EP" (国内盤 / US import/ iTunes)
"Kinetic - EP" (iTunes)
"The Slackers and Friends" (UK import / iTunes)
"Wasted Days" (国内盤 / US import / UK import)
"Live at Ernesto's " (US import / UK import)
"The Questions" (国内盤 /US import / UK import)
"Redlight" (国内盤 /UK imoprt)
"Cape Cod Covers Vol. 1 "The King"" (iTunes)
"Skanarchy III" (iTunes)
"Fright Fest: The Ultimate Halloween Party [A Selector Series Playlist]" (iTunes)

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