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10.04.04Shinsaibashi Club Quattrophoto report-hitoshi
10.04.03Nagoya Club Quattroそこは桃源郷だったtakuyahitoshi
10.03.20CD reviewChorus of Storytellerstakuya-
08.02.28Liuidroom EbisuSan Diego invades Tokyovicente-
07.01.13Liuidroom EbisuDream A Little Dreamshawnsaya38
07.01.13Liuidroom Ebisu音に似合わぬ人間味funabashisaya38
07.01.13Liuidroom Ebisuphoto report-saya38
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"A Chorus Of Storytellers"
(国内盤 / US import / US import - '12analog / iTunes )
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The Album Leaf

"Into the Blue Again"
( 国内盤 / US import / US import - '12analog / iTunes)

"The Enchanted Hill" ( 国内盤)
"Seal Beach" ( US import / UK import)
"In a Safe Place" (( 国内盤 / US import / US import - '12analog / iTunes)
"One Day I'll Be on Time" ( US import / US import - '12analog / iTunes)
"An Orchestrated Rise to Fall" ( US import / US import - '12analog)
"A Lifetime or More" (iTunes)

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